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Weíre different. Itís that simple.
At Office Direct, we pride ourselves on being different...
Take a quick glance at our online catalog, and youíll see what we mean.

Itís not just great service that makes us different, though. Our differences go much deeper than that.

Affordable Prices
Our relationship with top manufacturers allows us to offer great furniture at everyday great prices.

Prompt Delivery
Delivery of office furniture has long been a problem. We understand that, and know the frustration it can cause Ė not to mention lost time and money. Thatís why we strive to process and deliver orders in the quickest possible time.
Youíll probably be amazed at how quickly we deliver.
Remember we deliver Nationwide.

Wide Selection
There are hundreds of items available on our online catalog. We can offer almost any combination of wood, leather, fabric, vinyl, finish and detail you can imagine to outfit any room or office.

Showroom Network
Procurement over the Internet is fast and easy.
The specially trained staff at our Head office can answer all your questions, and help you select the furniture you need.

Thereís no point in being different just to be different. However, when nobody else is doing business the way you want them to, then being different can be a very good thing.

Affordable prices, prompt delivery, a wide selection of furniture, an easy-to-use online catalog Ö yes, Office Direct is different. Itís that simple.